Most cleaning companies set their prices based on square footage; the amount you pay depends solely on where your home fits in a narrow range of categories. But one size never really fits all, does it? We know from experience that a predetermined price structure won’t necessarily be right for every client. At Copacabana Cleaning, we value flexibility and are ready to tailor our services so they’re just right for you.

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While the square footage of a space is certainly important to consider, two similarly-sized homes may have very different needs. Imagine that one home is full of custom-fancy furniture, crown moldings, and luxurious carpeting or rugs …

… while the home down the street sports high-tech audio equipment, modern flooring, and a minimal aesthetic.

Identical price points for these two clients will undoubtedly lead to unbalanced pricing and possible lackluster results; the two homes simply require different approaches, and only Copacabana can offer those approaches at fair prices. Our commitment to superior results is never compromised.

Our flexibility in pricing means that Copacabana Cleaning can offer unique cleaning packages and rates to best suit each client. Our pricing is competitive with other cleaning companies in the area, with the added perk of knowing that you’re getting excellent, reliable service that’s specifically suited to your life and your home.


Copacabana Cleaning can offer a free evaluation and price estimate, ensuring that you’ll only pay for the service you want. We’re happy to make a home visit at a time that’s convenient for you; while we get a clear idea of your needs, you’re able to get acquainted with the people who will be in your home, giving you confidence in the individuals you hire. Call us today. Schedule a visit. Once you tell us more about what you’re looking for, we’ll tell you how little it will cost to achieve it.


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